Neil Druckmann “not quite” said Naughty Dog’s next game “could redefine conventional perceptions about gaming”

Naughty Dog studio head Neil Druckmann took to X/Twitter to clarify that some of what appeared in his interview with Sony was “not exactly” what he said, including that the The Last of Us developer’s next game could “redefine conventional perceptions.” of the game.”

While we don’t yet know what Naughty Dog’s next game will be, Druckmann spoke about his excitement with Sony. However, according to Druckmann, his response was a little different from the original interview.

“This is not exactly what I said,” Druckmann said regarding the line “could redefine dominant perceptions about games.” “When editing my confusing answers in my recent interview with Sony, unfortunately some of my words, context and intent were lost. Well, here is the complete and confusing answer for the final question about our future game.”

You can read the full response below from Druckmann after he was asked: “As we discuss future innovation, are there any personal visions or dream projects you hope to see realized in the entertainment space right now?”

Below you can read the response that appeared in the interview to the question: “Could you share a personal vision or dream project that you hope to see realized in the future of entertainment?”

So while Druckmann said this new project is “perhaps the most excited” he’s been so far and “something really new for us,” he didn’t quite say, “it could redefine dominant perceptions about gaming.” What he did say further was that he is “very excited to see what the reaction will be to this, and I’ve already said too much about it.”

Naughty Dog confirmed that it was working on a new project in March 2023, and this will be the studio’s first new game since 2020’s The Last of Us: Part 2. Naughty Dog also confirmed in 2023 that it had canceled its The Last of Us: Part 2. Us is a multiplayer game and would focus on single-player gameplay in the future.

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