General election live: Ed Davey to face questions as parties unveil cancer plans

Both Labor and the Lib Dems will spend today highlighting their promises to reduce cancer waiting times if either manages to form a government after the general election.

So what are your plans?

Liberal Democrats

The party has proposed a £1bn increase for radiotherapy equipment, saying an extra 200 machines would “put NHS England near the top of the league table for the number of machines per million people”.

The party also says every cancer patient should receive treatment within 62 days of an urgent referral, and could reduce the distances patients have to travel to access treatment.


Labor has claimed that 700,000 cancer patients will wait too long for treatment if the Conservatives are given another five years in government.

The party has proposed carrying out 40,000 additional appointments, tests and scans a week in the evenings and weekends, doubling the number of CT and MRI scanners, with new artificial intelligence-enabled scanners and the further expansion of the party’s staff. NHS history.

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