Russian ambassador warns Ireland faces consequences for being ‘complicit in brazen theft’

Ireland will face “inevitable” consequences for supporting the seizure of Russian funds for use in Ukraine, Moscow’s embassy in Dublin has warned.

Russia’s ambassador to Ireland issued the warning after EU countries, including Ireland, formally adopted a plan earlier this month to seize proceeds from Russia’s frozen assets to finance weapons and aid to Ukraine.

Ambassador Yuri Filatov has warned that Ireland’s involvement in this “illegal” decision makes it “complicit in a brazen theft” against Russia.

“Responsibility for this criminal behavior lies with all participants, including Ireland, who must be prepared to take responsibility for their actions,” he said.

The warning is the latest in a series from Filatov since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

In his statement on Friday, Filatov added: “The Irish government has supported this illegal and unprecedented decision. It has nothing to do with the norms of international law or even the so-called “rules-based order” hailed by Ireland.

“It should be clear that in doing so Ireland has become complicit in blatant theft, proving itself to be a participant in the West’s hybrid war against Russia.

“What started with EU sanctions and the freezing of Russian state assets is now large-scale theft in broad daylight.”

He said the agreement was similar to what the West had previously done with other countries that were considered “hostile” to Washington or Brussels.

In addition to being “an illegal expropriation, which clearly goes against the spirit and letter of the law,” he said the decision shows how unpredictable and “unreliable” European financial institutions are.

He warned: “This will increase the already started process of withdrawal of funds by foreign investors, which will inevitably lead to further economic decline of the EU, as well as other negative consequences for the European and global economy.

“Responsibility for this criminal behavior lies with all participants – Ireland included – who must be prepared to take responsibility for their actions.

“Given that Russia considers the seizure of the proceeds of its frozen sovereign assets in the European Union as an economic aggression in clear violation of all legal norms and a hostile political act, the response is inevitable and will come in the form that best suits to the interests of Russia. .”

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