One “click” does not work for everyone

E-commerce during COVID in Spain: one “click” does not work for everyone


Prachi Mishra; Alvaro Ortíz; Tomasa Rodrigo; Antonio Spilimbergo; Sirenia Vazquez

Publication date:

May 24, 2024

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The share of e-commerce in total credit card spending skyrocketed during Covid in Spain. In particular, women, young people and urban consumers used e-commerce proportionally more during the pandemic, especially for services. Using a unique proprietary data set on credit card transactions, we test conjectures about consumer behavior (based on fear, hoarding, or learning) during Covid. Overall, e-commerce share returned to its pre-Covid trend as the pandemic subsided. However, some consumers with lower e-commerce usage pre-Covid tend to use more e-commerce on an ongoing basis, supporting the “learning by blocking” conjecture for these individuals.

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