State media unfreezes “ban” on Winky D’s music

State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has lifted the “ban” on Winky D’s music on its radio stations.

The Zimdancehall singer’s songs were banned from ZBC radio stations following the release of his album “Eureka Eureka.”

Released on January 1, 2023, the album angered Zimbabwe’s ruling establishment and led to censorship of Winky D’s music.

One of the songs on the album, “Ibotso,” talks about corruption, mismanagement and abuse of public resources by a greedy elite. A source claimed: The decision to lift the ban on Winky D’s music was influenced by the new leadership of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

However, some songs from Winky D’s “Eureka Eureka” album, such as “Ibotso” and “Dzimba dzemabwe,” remain banned. The source said:

There is a new board that is bringing the new strategy. Of course, we won’t play all of their songs, but their return to the radio is a strategy of the new board of directors. The old board took things more personally and was rigid.

ZANU PF youth leader Charles Munganasa, who was recently appointed acting chief executive officer (CEO) of ZBC, is spearheading a new strategy at the state broadcaster.

Winky D’s newly released song Love Quartet has been receiving a good amount of airplay on local radio stations.

On March 4, 2023, police officers stormed the stage during Winky D’s live performance and shut down his show to intimidate him for his critical comments.

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