Several vehicles parked near Jurong West BTO construction site damaged by falling concrete, Singapore News

Several drivers received an unwanted “paint” on their vehicles when cement suddenly started raining.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (May 23), user Nazrin Shah, one of the affected car owners, said the incident occurred around 11.35am that day.

He had left his car in an open parking lot at Block 959 of Jurong West Street 91, near the construction site of the Nanyang Opal Build-To-Order (BTO) project.

Construction sites at Nanyang Opal are managed by Progressive Builders.

Photos accompanying Nazrin’s post showed three black cars with dots and splatters of a gray and white concrete mix all over the exterior.

Cracks, dents and holes could be seen in the windshields and roofs of the cars. The rear windshield of a car was shattered.

Nazrin added in the comments section that the wet concrete mixture had also been spilled on him.

“The sunroof breaks, my heart breaks too,” he wrote. It is not clear which car Nazrin owns.

A video recorded by him showed a group of workers cleaning the cars.

“In the future, it will be best to avoid parking near construction sites, regardless of whether safety barriers are in place,” he wrote in his post.

He added that he and two other car owners filed a complaint with authorities.

AsiaOne has contacted Nazrin and Progressive Builders for more information.

Contractor in contact with affected vehicle owners: HDB

The Housing Development Board (HDB) told 8world that the incident occurred at the Nanyang Opal BTO construction site on May 23.

Workers at the construction site were lifting a bucket of concrete mix when the rope operating the bucket’s discharge valve became entangled with struts used to support the parapet wall.

This caused the concrete mixture to spill onto four cars parked outside and onto one of the drivers.

No injuries were reported. Three vehicles were damaged and the fourth had concrete stains.

HDB apologized and said the contractor is in touch with the owners of the affected vehicles. They are also working with the contractor to review the incident and strengthen work processes at the site to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

HDB added that they will investigate this incident thoroughly and take necessary follow-up action with the contractor, and will continue to work with industry partners to strengthen workplace safety at all workplaces.

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