Here’s why you should invest in Kenya: Rute to American investors

President William Ruto has urged US investors to partner with Kenya for the benefit of both countries.

The President said Kenya has strong economic interest and promising trade and investment collaborations with American companies.

“I want to affirm your confidence in starting or expanding your cooperation in our market and ask and answer the question: what can we do for you and what can we do together?” he said.

The President spoke during the Kenya-US Business Forum in Washington, DC

Ruto said Kenya is committed to eradicating unemployment, poverty, hunger, disease and inequalities through Economic transformation from below Diary.

He said it allows the country to focus on effective strategies to achieve rapid and inclusive growth and improve productivity.

Ruto said to achieve this, the government undertakes and promotes strategic investments in priority value chains within the sectors.

Sectors include universal healthcare, food security, agricultural product processing, digital infrastructure and affordable housing.

Ruto said there are opportunities in the Universal Healthcare Coverage strategy, including the manufacturing of vaccines and pharmaceuticals and the production of medical products and biomedical supplies.

“This enhances our ability to deliver high-quality services to Kenyans, promote self-reliance and create significant employment opportunities,” he added.

The President further stated that through the Special Economic Zone in Thika, investors will be able to access local and East African markets.

“If you are looking for a market and opportunities, there you have it,” he said.

The President added that the improvement of the Technological Ecosystem attracts large technology companies and promotes the incubation and expansion of startups.

He said the move has positioned Kenya’s Silicone Savanna as Africa’s leading ICT and digital innovation destination.

The President said Kenya has harnessed the enormous potential of green energy which has enabled it to rapidly become a global leader in establishing world-class green data infrastructure.

Ruto further said that investing in the Affordable Housing Project is an opportunity to create jobs and for companies that use modern technology to build houses in an affordable, sustainable and profitable manner.

He said Kenya is open to engagements with investors to make the country’s business environment more attractive, stable and predictable.

The President added that these routine discussions have yielded results, and that Kenya is among the top foreign direct investment destinations in the world.

During the Kenya-US Business Forum, Ruto said A round table with the vice president of the United States. Kamala Harris.

The United States ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, was also present.

Leaders, dignitaries and investors also attended.

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