Speaker among requests for Banyarwanda recognition


KAMPALA – Speaker of Parliament Anitah Among has called for the recognition and inclusion of the Banyarwanda in the Third Schedule of the Constitution of Uganda.

This, he said, would end the current discrimination in which some members of this community are denied national identity cards, while others have their identity cards confiscated, despite Banyarwanda being legally recognized in the Constitution. of 1995.

The Speaker made the call while receiving the 26th Annual Report on the State of Human Rights and Freedoms in Uganda in 2023 from the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) after the Commission denounced human rights violations faced by some stateless people in Uganda.

Recently, Ugandans of Rwandan origin asked that one of their own be appointed to an immigration panel tasked with examining applicants for national identity cards and passports.

Haruna Ssewaya, Legal Adviser to the ‘Abavandimwe Council’, made the presentation while interacting with the House of Representatives Committee on Defense and Home Affairs chaired by Wilson Kajwengye (Nyabushozi County, NRM).

The non-profit body led by city businessman Frank Gashumba has an active membership of more than 260,000 people who identify as Banyarwanda, spread across the country and abroad.

The commitment was made in accordance with a directive the spokesperson gave a month ago. This followed a petition filed by Kalungu West Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu (NUP).

At the time, Ssewungu had asked Parliament to investigate the alleged marginalization and discrimination of the ethnic group.

“Appointment of a munyarwanda as immigration officer and supervisor. We are also concerned that the composition of the immigration officers does not include a Munyarwanda officer and because of this, the interview process cannot be fair to the Banyarwanda. We pray that all Banyarwanda are interviewed by a Munyarwanda and not by a Mufumbira as is the case with other ethnic groups,” Ssewaya reiterated.

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