KFCB president revokes notice to YouTube content creators demanding licenses

KFCB president revokes notice to YouTube content creators demanding licenses

KFCB President Njogu wa Njoroge addresses the press during a recent function. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chairman Njogu wa Njoroge has ordered the withdrawal of a notice sent to YouTube content creators directing them to obtain licenses before uploading their works to the platform.

The rescinded demand was issued by KFCB Acting CEO Paskal Opiyo to several top Kenyan YouTubers including Abel Mutua, Njugush, Jacky Vike, Terence Creative and Oga Obinna among others.

He demanded that obtain filming licenses for your content, as well as submit your videos to KFCB for review and grading before sharing them on YouTube for public consumption.

However, according to Njoroge, the directive was issued in a bad light, as content creators deserve government support, not repression.

In a subsequent statement posted on social media, the KFCB chairman said he had directed the management of the state body to rescind the directive and sit down with stakeholders in the sector.

“Our content creators must be supported at all times. They must be encouraged and supported 100%. We should train our youth in monetization and we are deliberate about it,” she said.

“I have ordered the management to withdraw notifications and organize an engagement with all interested parties. “We should be talking about thousands of opportunities, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs in digital media.”

“We demand that you strictly comply with the requirements of the Film and Play Law by obtaining filming licenses for your films and submitting them for examination and classification before they are exhibited and distributed to the public through your YouTube channel” . had declared.

“Please note that unless you comply with the above within the next fourteen (14) days, we will initiate legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Films and Plays Act and other relevant laws, without further reference to you and your own responsibility. risks in terms of costs and other concomitant consequences.

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