ECD student dies in a goal accident

A 6-year-old Early Childhood Development (ECD) B pupil at Baring Primary School died on Tuesday morning after being accidentally hit in the head by a steel handball post.

The incident was attributed to negligence as the handball post that hit the now deceased Anesu Jacob Chikodzore was supposed to have been removed and placed in a safe place immediately after use.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) acting spokesperson in Manicaland province, Deputy Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the tragedy to Manica’s position. He said:

The boy died after being hit by a handball stick on the sports field of Baring Primary School in Mutare. The child was on ECD B.

When we attended the scene, we learned that the children were playing on the school grounds at 10.30 am when the incident occurred.

The other children then rushed to inform their class teacher, identified as Ephitinia Manengwa, and when the teacher reached the sports fields, the girl was bleeding from both her mouth and nose while still trapped under the pole. The child died while being treated at the Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

The boy’s father, Chipo Chikodzore, was hurt by the circumstances that led to his son’s death and accused the school of negligence. He said:

I personally believe that the death of my son Anesu was a result of negligence on the part of the school and negligence in the supervision of the young students.

Surely, how can they leave such dangerous objects unattended and in an unsafe position in a place where small children play?

Surely, how can they let students of that age play without any supervision?

I have not yet been informed or received any kind of information from the school, apart from the principal and the teachers who came to offer their condolences and left without saying a word.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Mutare district schools inspector Tracy Mademutsa criticized The Manica Post for rushing β€œto write bad stories, but when something good happens it doesn’t come at the same speed.” She added:

You recently wrote that Baring Primary School was holding classes over the holidays and are now rushing to make this unfortunate incident public. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the incident… I still haven’t received a report from the school.

Manicaland Provincial Director of Education Richard Gabaza said he had not been officially informed about the incident.

A teacher at the school, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

It is unfortunate that this incident occurred this way. Poles are a hazard and are supposed to be put away after games.

I remember we had a worried trainee teacher, who used to stack them constantly every morning or after playing the games.

When the teacher left the school, it seems that no one cared enough to do so and, unfortunately, this tragic incident occurred.

A parent with a child at school, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

Of course, I do not think it is appropriate to locate children’s classes in areas where there are sports fields with such dangerous objects.

At least these moving poles should be stacked religiously after use or else cast into concrete to ensure safety.

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