Kampala’s population will reach 11 million by 2040


KAMPALA – The Under Secretary of the Ministry of Kampala Affairs has defended the existence of the Kampala Ministry saying that the capital of Uganda is growing and urbanizing at a rapid pace.

Monica Edemachu Ejua, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs of Kampala, appeared before the Committee of Chartered Accountants of Parliament on Thursday, May 24, 2024, and said that the population of Kampala currently stands at about 5 million people, but the government expects this population to increase. about 11 million people by 2040, which requires effective planning.

“If we do not plan for this region, then it would be a serious time bomb, considering that the largest percentage of GDP, more than 60%, comes from this region and there are so many challenges affecting this region, so our mandate is preparing to address these issues.

“With the Ministry of Land and Urban Development, we work with them at a strategic level, when it comes to coordinating and ensuring that they implement the plans in accordance with the guidelines, so that there is no duplication of these mandates in any way.” She explained.

Lawmakers on Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee questioned the relevance of the existence of the Ministry of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, although the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) already exists, saying that funds used to administer the Ministry are They would instead be used to improve services within the city and other surrounding areas.

The MPs made these comments while interacting with officials from the Ministry of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs who had appeared before the Committee to respond to questions raised in the Auditor General’s December 2023 report, where they reported duplication of functions between the Ministry of Kampala , KCCA and Ministry of Lands and Urban Development.

“The entities in the Metropolitan Area have been planning in silos, you will find that KCCA is developing a highway that simply stops at its boundary, but now the Ministry is coming to bring together these nine entities to avoid planning in silos, so if We are looking for a physical path. In the plan, we are analyzing the entire metropolitan area since this place is being heavily urbanized.

So, the Ministry brings together all these entities to ensure that development is not done in silos but in a coordinated manner and we have found that this is working, and we are working with these accountants in all 9 entities,” Edemachu added.

He said the Ministry does not in any way duplicate the activities of other entities, the Kampala Capital City Authority is mandated to implement government programs at the grassroots level, but the Kampala Ministry plays a supervisory role and makes policies on issues that have not been addressed. like when it comes to changing the law for KCCA.

It is the Ministry’s job and preparing political documents for the Cabinet is the Ministry’s job, he explained.

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