40-year-old man shot to death for taking a police officer’s gun

By Moisés Agaba

A 40-year-old man was shot to death Thursday after seriously injuring one person and threatening to disarm a police officer who had gone to arrest him.

Kigezi Regional Police Spokesperson Elly Maate identifies the deceased as Kenneth Mutusi, a resident of Nyakabengo Cell of Rukiga Ward of Muhanga Municipal Council, as Mutusi is alleged to have been a hard core criminal who terrorizes the entire the community, cutting down people’s plantations, maliciously damaging people’s homes and even physically attacking their neighbors.

Maate says that on May 23third 2024, around 2:30 pm, at Nyakabingobc Cell Ward, Muhanga Town Hall, he, along with others, planned to kill Roset Kyarisima 39 for supporting Mutaki in his land dispute. He allegedly managed to enter her house using an ax and a panga and entered around 2:15 a.m., according to the victim Rosete.

She says that when Mutusi entered, she first grabbed her husband, then proceeded to critically cut Rosete with a sharp panga on the head. She played dead several times and they left her thinking that they had killed her, but after a while she crawled to the banana plantation. , where she called Singa Twinomugabe, who then called the police and took her to Muhanga Health Center II.

Maate says that the police at Muhanga police station rushed to rescue him, but upon seeing the police, he grabbed his sharp panga and spear chased them, however, while trying to subdue him he was shot in the thigh and was later arrested. He rushed to Muhanga Health Center II, where he was pronounced dead at around 4pm.

Maate says some of the victims who have been terrorized by the deceased are: Jonah Kabalaga, 82, who lost his two acres by cutting it to Mutusi Kenneth and maliciously damaged his windows, Turyasingura David, a resident of Kitaburaza cell in Muhanga. Municipality, which lost a banana plantation equivalent to 3 acres and reported it to the Muhanga police station. And Singa Twinomugabe lost his 2-acre banana plantation, to name just a few.

He says the police began investigations when the scene was visited and documented, the two Ak47 pistols carried by the police officers they went to arrest were recovered and displayed and the body was taken to the Kabale referral hospital for an autopsy.

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