Ford fuels speculation about early Ontario election

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is fueling early election speculation by refusing several times today to commit to the June 2026 target date.

Ford announced today that its plan to expand sales of beer, wine, cider and ready-to-drink cocktails Access to all eligible grocery stores and convenience stores is being accelerated.

It said late last year that the expansion would occur in 2026, but will now begin much earlier, with the first phase taking place this summer.

Ford took questions from reporters after his announcement and was asked if he was accelerating the timeline to set the stage for an early election call.

He said that’s not the reason for his alcohol announcement, but when asked several more times if he was committed to the June 2026 election date, he didn’t answer directly.

Ford says he wants to make sure he sticks to his agenda and delivers on the promises he has made.

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