Bryan Hagerich, father arrested for taking ammunition to Turks and Caicos Islands, will return to the US after paying a fine

The father of two from Pennsylvania was arrested in February.

American Bryan Hagerich has escaped a lengthy prison sentence under Turks and Caicos’ strict gun laws and will return to the United States after paying a fine. The father of two was caught with ammunition in his luggage earlier this year.

A judge sentenced Hagerich on Friday to a 52-week suspended sentence with a $6,700 fine. Once he pays this fine, he will be given his passport and will be able to return to the United States without serving the sentence.

Hagerich had faced a possible 12-year sentence, the country’s minimum for possession of weapons or ammunition, under a strict law intended to address rising crime and gang violence. However, the judge considered exceptional circumstances and that the mandatory minimum sentence of 12 years was unfair and disproportionate to the crime committed.

The father of two from Pennsylvania was arrested in February while returning home from a family vacation after ammunition was found in his checked luggage. He pleaded guilty to possession of 20 rounds of ammunition.

He told ABC News he forgot there was hunting ammunition in his bag while traveling.

“I’m a man of integrity and character,” he told ABC News in an interview with his wife Ashley earlier this month. “I had no intention of this.”

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