Uganda: We act within the law: police block NUP mobilization tours

Police have said they will continue to block rallies and demonstration tours by the opposition National Unity Platform as long as they continue to ignore the law.

In a statement on Friday, Director of Police Operations Frank Mwesigye said opposition party leaders were asked to desist from open demonstrations, processions to and from venues, as well as rallies, but that all activities or gatherings They should be restricted to town halls and other places. such areas appropriately closed during the new round of mobilization tours, but he said the party has ignored them.

Mwesigye said with such contempt that they have no choice but to disperse them.

“Therefore, in monitoring all acts of public order, our actions are backed by the laws and guiding principles stated above,” Mwesigye said.

On Wednesday, police dispersed the NUP mobilization rally in Kamuli and several party members were arrested.

The National Unity Platform on Thursday accused the police of targeting its political activities, which are being detained in “flagrant” disregard of the law.

However, the police insisted that everything they do is within the law.

“It is also not true that the NUP is specifically targeted and restricted from mobilizing and organising, but unlike other political parties and pressure groups, which have continued to abide by the law, the NUP continues to blatantly flout police guidelines.”

However, the police invited the NUP leadership to a meeting to harmonize the party’s mobilization tours.

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