Father kneels in street after daughter shames him for being too poor to afford iPhone

“I even had the urge to go up to her and slap her.”

A father-daughter pair in China is going viral.

On May 4, a father was seen kneeling in front of his own daughter to apologize for not being able to buy her an iPhone. The viral video was filmed by a pedestrian named Zhong in Taiyuan, China.

Taiyuan, China | AECOM

According to him, the duo’s conversation was so loud that he couldn’t help but notice. The girl yelled at her father for not having enough money to buy her device.

Other parents can buy their children an iPhone. Why don’t you have the money?


The father immediately fell to his knees and repented. He shook his head as if he accepted the blame. Her daughter, noticing the watchful glances they were gathering, grabbed her father, ashamed of her.

Get up! Get up fast!



Zhong watched their interaction for about five minutes. She couldn’t help but “grieve for the father” while he felt anger towards her daughter. Her video garnered more than 91 million views on Weibo in just a few days, and netizens agreed with her assessment.

I even had the urge to go up to her and slap her.


They could not help but express their surprise at the daughter’s vanity and lack of understanding. They commented, “Consumerism has had negative impacts on youth. They are so obsessed with material comforts but ignore the difficulties of their parents. It’s a social tragedy!

Some, however, pointed out that the father should have defended himself as well.

  • “Of course, this father is pathetic and his actions will push the girl to be more rebellious. She did not point out the boy’s mistake. He did a bad job as a father.”
  • “I feel sorry for both of them. The daughter is very vain, but the fact that the father kneels is inappropriate.”

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