Chinese walnut product recalled for use of banned sweetener

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Friday (May 24) issued a recall of two Xiyuguoyuan Xinjiang Paper Roasted Walnut products after finding that they contained cyclamate and excessive amounts of acesulfame K.

Cyclamate and acesulfame K are permitted food additives used as artificial sweeteners and can be used in certain food products such as soft drinks and canned fruit, the SFA said in a press release.

However, the use of cyclamate in walnuts and other nut and seed products is currently not permitted.

Acesulfame K can be used in nut and seed products, but only up to the maximum level set out in the Singapore Food Regulations.

The affected products are manufactured in China and can be found in 500g packages and 1kg boxes.

The SFA has ordered the importer of the products, Hong Xin Da, to remove the implicated products from the market. The withdrawal is ongoing.

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