Killer T wins fans again

ZIMBABWE is home to several talented musicians performing a variety of genres.

That said, it seems like Zimdancehall singer Killer T, born Kelvin Kusikwenyu but also popularly known in showbiz as President, is the hot topic right now, thanks to his most recent offering, Kana Ndanyura.

This is a song that explores the blindness of a person who has drowned in love and feels unable to resist what they feel, even though others outside the relationship may be seeing things differently.

This isn’t the first time Killer T has made love songs; he’s made a few in the past that wowed fans and made waves across the country.

This time, the musician has once again conquered his fans with his latest song.

NewsDay Weekender Life & Style took a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the musician’s love songs that inspired love and evoked emotions when one is going through heartbreak.

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These are the songs that made it onto most people’s playlists.


The song caused a nationwide sensation when it was released in 2018 as part of the Mashoko Anopfuura album.

It revolved around a man who refused to give up on his love interests and could do anything for his love.

The song also addresses the popular Shona adage “Chinonzi regera ndechirimumaoko”, a phrase that sums up how difficult it is to instruct the heart to stop loving someone.


Released in 2019 as part of Hope Dzehumambo’s singles collection, the song encouraged love through communication, trust and forgiveness to create lasting relationships.

He also inspired his loved ones to refuse to let misunderstandings force them apart.

The musician emphasized that if they continued to water their love, it would grow and flourish and produce positive results.

Dai Zvaibvira

Another song that was popular in its time and revolved around a man so devoted to his partner that he would do anything for her, even if it meant going against all odds.

Ndizviponde here

In addition to Killer T’s romantic and love-themed songs, it is worth examining some of his other songs that effectively stirred up feelings and helped listeners relate to their own experiences with heartbreaks and disappointments.

Ndizviponde Here was another song in which the musician poured emotions.

It explored how men become suicidal in an attempt to prove their love for the next person.

It revolved around a man who was drowning in relationship problems and could not express his love to the person he loved because he was often misunderstood.

The musician, however, emphasized that people should not force love if it does not work and should feel free to leave a relationship when necessary.

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