Fella Makafui’s ‘brother’ claims Medikal sold his car, stayed away for weeks and stole his money (video)

  • Actress Fella Makafui and rapper Medikal’s marital problems continue to sweep social media
  • Amid the saga, a man claiming to be Fella’s brother posted a video criticizing Medikal.
  • Among other things, he accused Medikal of constantly staying outside their marital home and also of stealing from Fella.

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A man claiming to be Fella Makafui’s brother has waded into her divorce saga with her ex-husband, Medikal, making some extensive allegations.

In a widely circulated video, the man who identified himself as Richard harshly criticized Medikal and practically described him as an irresponsible husband.

Medikal and Fella Makafui recently confirmed that their four-year marriage was over and awaiting official dissolution.

Fella Makafui and Medikal
Fella Makafui’s ‘brother’ claims Medikal sold his car, stayed away for weeks and stole his money. Photo source: @fellamakafui, @amgmedikal
Source: Instagram

Following the news, Medikal revealed that Fella had undergone two surgeries to maintain her slim figure after giving birth to her daughter, which affected her line of business.

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Amid the uproar, Fella kept a cool head and even moved out of their East Legon home, which they reportedly co-own.

Fella’s brother reveals why his marriage to Medikal ended

In a vigorous defense of his sister, Richard indicated that the actress had remained silent not because she had nothing to say but only to show maturity.

He indicated that Medikal’s constant display of wealth on social media is not exactly what it is in real life because he depended on his wife for a lot of financial support.

Citing an example, Richard observed that when Medikal wanted to buy a Range Rover, he had to sell Fella’s car and add some money.

“The Range that you bought, wasn’t it Fella’s car that you sold and added some money to buy it? But you always say that you own cars and that you have seven buildings, among other things,” he said.

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The actress’ ‘brother’ also accused Medikal of stealing from him. According to him, during the marriage, the rapper could stay away from the marital home for two months and only return when he was broke to steal Fella’s money (the sales he made in his stores) to go flying.

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Medikal reveals why he aired his breakup with Fella Makafui

Meanwhile, Medikal has revealed more about the collapse of his relationship with Fella Makafui.

According to the rapper, their marriage was over, but he kept it a secret until he saw D-Black lighting a cigarette for Fella.

In an interview with Bola Ray, Medikal indicated that he was angry about the video and had to come out to clarify things.


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