Recreational facilities to be built on reclaimed riverside land near the Nairobi River

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has said the government will now establish recreational facilities on reclaimed riverine lands along the Nairobi river corridor.

Speaking on Friday, Kindiki said access to the facilities will be free to the public.

He said that the rehabilitation and regeneration works of the recovered spaces are currently continuing. The works include fencing and tree planting.

“the Nairobi’s rivers will be unclogged, drained and rehabilitated, and recreational facilities will be established on both sides of the riparian reserves for public access and use free of charge,” Kindiki said.

“To prevent a new invasion, ditches are being excavated and the recovered riparian reserves are being fenced and trees from the riparian ecosystem are being planted.”

During Friday’s visit, the Interior CS stated that The government has engaged the services of community-based organizations (CBOs) and youth groups from the host communities to spearhead the rehabilitation.

He noted that recovering Nairobi’s river ecosystem will increase the security of the communities living around it.

“Recovering Nairobi’s river ecosystem will increase the safety of surrounding communities, eliminate the threat of illicit alcohol manufacturing and narcotics trafficking, and drive out dangerous criminals who use encroached river corridors as hideouts.”

Kindiki He said more than 40,000 households moved voluntarily from riverine lands near Nairobi rivers. The households were made up of more than 181,000 people.

“The Government notes with appreciation the cooperation of the public in the ongoing program to evacuate people whose presence in the riparian corridors within the Nairobi river ecosystem poses a serious danger to their lives, as seen during the floods last month,” Kindiki said.

The CS insisted thatThe law prohibits rectifying buildings and structures within the 30-meter riparian corridor.

Kindiki said affected families will be given priority in the Affordable Housing Program allocation.

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