Ontario mother denied boarding flight with family after ticket error

A dream vacation for an Ontario family quickly turned to frustration when a mother’s name on a ticket didn’t match the name on her passport, meaning she was left behind while her husband and two children flew to France.

“I had to leave Francesca behind to fend for herself,” said Adamo Discenza from Bolton.

The Discenza family was eventually reunited in France, but only after Francesca Discenza had to buy a new $2,800 bill the next day at her own expense.

“It was devastating to be devastated at that moment when they had to leave and I couldn’t join them,” Francesca said.

The family booked four tickets through Expedia and while booking them a mistake was made.

“My passport was in my maiden name and my itinerary was booked in my married name,” Francesca said.

The couple say that at the time of booking the agent used the name on Francesca’s credit card and claim they were told their passports were not needed at the time.

“When we asked the agent at the time of booking if we needed our passports, he told us no and that we would add that information at the airport,” Adamo said.

But when the family arrived at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Francesca’s name on the ticket did not match her passport and although they were initially told it would be an easy solution, it wasn’t and she was not allowed on the plane.

Francesca had to buy a new ticket for $2,800 to fly to be with family in France the next day and they felt Expedia should cover that cost.

“I feel like the fact that I couldn’t get on the plane is their fault for not making sure my ticket was booked properly and appropriately,” Francesca said.

CTV News Toronto contacted Expedia and a spokesperson said: “Upon investigation, we discovered that the name included on the reservation was one that was provided by the traveler over the phone. “Our records indicate that the booking agent also spelled the name “Francesca Discenza,” which the customer confirmed was the correct name for the booking.”

“When the traveler called after being denied boarding, we had every intention of providing assistance. However, we were unable to make changes because the partner airline had already marked the flight as no-show.”

The Discenzas are frustrated and still feel they deserve a refund.

“We volunteered to use our passports and were told they were not necessary, which caused this problem,” Adamo said.

When booking a flight, you should always use the name on your passport for all documentation. You should also keep your passport in good condition because if it is damaged in any way you may also be denied boarding on a plane.

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