Zimbabwe: ZAPU condemns Zanu-PF for denying Sandi Moyo national heroine status

Opposition party ZAPU has criticized the ZANU PF-led government for not granting the late former Bulawayo senator and metropolitan minister Eunice Sandi Moyo national heroine status. Sandi Moyo died at the age of 78 on May 16 at the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, where she was receiving treatment for hypertension.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa authorized a state-assisted burial for Sandi Moyo, falling short of the national heroine status many believed she deserved.

During his funeral at the Bulawayo amphitheater on Wednesday, ZAPU general secretary Mthulisi Hanana expressed his disapproval. Before Sandi Moyo’s burial at Lady Stanley Cemetery, Hanana urged former ZAPU members within ZANU PF to return to their original party.

“She was there in Zambia, at Lancaster House, she was there during Gukurahundi, she was there. Was she in government and for what? I doubt this is the Zimbabwe she envisioned. This snub by the ZANU PF government makes our call : yokuthi bantwana bantwana wozani ekhaya (return to ZAPU), more relevant.”

Hanana emphasized that Sandi Moyo’s contributions to the government and the ruling party justified the status of national heroine. She claimed that she would be appropriately honored once ZANU PF is ousted from power.

Sandi Moyo’s uncle Monti Malunguza, representing the Masola Ndlovu family, echoed Hanana’s sentiments. He stated:

“We are also grateful to the government for granting him a State-assisted funeral, but let me hasten to say that we are a little disappointed because the role he played before and after independence deserved better recognition than just a State-assisted funeral. .We know lesser people who have been given a higher role than her. Anyway, that doesn’t dilute the fact that she is a hero, mainly throughout this country, people accept it. “She played a role and we are grateful for that.”