Rumor: Apple’s foldable MacBook could be launched in 2026 and will have an 18.76-inch screen

Following a spicy rumor from prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about a MacBook with a foldable screen launching in 2026, analyst Ross Young published a report of his own in X, in which Young shared that Apple has decided to go with a slightly larger screen. small. size than originally planned. The MacBook’s foldable screen is now expected to measure 18.76 inches, down from the original 20.25-inch model.

According to Kuo’s previous report, the analyst noted that Apple was considering moving away from its initial plan for a roughly 20-inch display in favor of a smaller 18.8-inch display.

Young, whose expertise lies in displays and is considered very reliable in his field, confirmed Kuo’s theory as something that Apple has already decided.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via 9to5Mac and @DSCCRoss

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