Google’s AI-powered search tells users to eat rocks and add glue to pizza. Internet users say ‘disconnect this’

Google announced at the I/O 2024 event that it will roll out the AI ​​Overview feature to all users; Until now, the feature had been optional as part of the company’s generative search experience. However, now users on social media have pointed out a number of critical issues with the feature, including suggestions that users add glue to pizza and even eat stones.

The issue was first pointed out by a post by user Peter Yang on X (formerly Twitter). In the screenshot shared, the user asks “Cheese doesn’t stick to pizza.”

In response, Google’s AI roundups suggested that users add “non-toxic glue” to pizza to give the sauce more “stickiness.” It turns out that the overview was based on a Reddit post from 11 years ago.

Another user asked Google about “how many stones” he should eat and the AI ​​summaries feature once again returned a strange result. Citing scientists at the University of California at Berkeley, Google’s AI stated that it is recommended to eat “at least one small stone per day” as they contain minerals and vitamins that are important for digestive health.

Following the same trend, some users who queried Google about Muslim presidents of the United States were told that the country has had at least one Muslim president, ‘Barack Hussein Obama.’

Google acknowledged the issue in a statement to The Verge, but said the errors were due to “generally very rare queries” and are not “representative of most people’s experiences.”

Internet users react to Google’s AI search problems:

One Threads user wrote: “They bought and removed dozens of good ideas and gave us this alpha feature. Clean.”

Another a book, the less we should trust it.

One user, while sharing Google AI results on Barack Obama’s religious identity, stated: “@Google, you should turn off this “AI Overview” feature right now. It’s completely dangerous.”

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