“Staff on the limit”: the popular Akl cafe was robbed 4 times in 10 days

The co-owner of a popular Auckland cafe says his staff are “on edge” after the restaurant was broken into for the fourth time in 10 days last night.

Nigel Cottle posted on Crave’s Facebook page this afternoon saying a “super heavy” safe that staff thought was “immovable” had been stolen.

“We are upset to have to release these images from our CCTV of the 2 people who broke into Crave for the 4th time in 10 days! Last night, they managed to take our super heavy safe which we thought was immovable.

Crave CCTV after four robberies in 10 days.  (Source: Crave/Facebook).

“We try to operate on a high trust model, where we assume the best in people and take the piss out when they scam us. Now we don’t know how to stop this. We have fixed/upgraded all our alarms, cameras and locking systems, but is not sufficient”.

“In total, over $25,000 worth of items and cash have been stolen in the 4 burglaries so far.

“If you recognize any of the people, clothing or shoes you see in the photos, please contact us. The police have been very responsive and have been actively patrolling outside throughout the night, but it is still not enough,” the post continues. .

The company posted on Facebook this afternoon saying a "Super heavy" They have stolen the safe, which they thought was "immovable".  (Source: Crave/Facebook).

“We can’t afford to hire a night security guard, but it may be the only thing we can do.

“Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support. It has really made a difference. Our staff feel supported and it has been a great reminder that people care.”

Speaking to 1News, Cottle said: “I went from disappointment to anger, and also despair because we don’t know what to do to stop this.

“They (the burglars) seem to come every two or three nights and we’ve even had the idea of ​​having someone sleep there overnight, but we thought they might end up hurt.”

Cottle said that, aside from police investigation, he believes the best deterrent to thieves is “putting their faces on social media.”

He added that despite what happened, there have been some positives for the business. “We’ve really felt the gratitude of the neighborhood, people have shown that they care and that they are concerned.”

Police told 1News they are in the early stages of investigating the robberies.

Auckland City West Area Commander Inspector Alisse Robertson said the four incidents occurred between May 13 and 24.

“Police have carried out an examination of the scene and are working to establish a clear picture of what happened and identify the suspected offenders.

“We encourage anyone with information about these incidents to call police on 105 quoting file number 240524/6357.”

Cottle said Crave will be open through the weekend and will operate as usual.

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