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In a twist of fate that defies the typical American success story, Marcel Malanga, the 21-year-old son of the late Christian Malanga, was arrested for his role in a failed coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Marcel was arrested along with two other Americans after a shooting in Kinshasa on May 19.

Marcel Malanga
Marcel Malanga with his late father, Christian Malanga, during the failed coup d’état of May 19. PHOTO | POOL

Viral videos that circulated on social media after the failed coup show Marcel and another man, a Caucasian allegedly involved in the coup, pleading for mercy as government forces surround them.

Hours before these videos were posted, Malanga broadcast live on Facebook from the presidential palace (Palais de la Nation), where he can be seen surrounded by several people in military uniforms walking in the middle of the night.

He was later killed while resisting arrest, according to Congolese authorities.

In the video, his son is seen armed and with an American flag patch on his military uniform.

Marcel Malanga
Marcel Malanga with his late father, Christian Malanga, before the failed coup on May 19. PHOTO | POOL

The US ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lucy Tamlyn, expressed surprise and concern at the participation of US citizens. “Rest assured that we are cooperating fully with the authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as they investigate these criminal acts and hold the American citizens involved accountable,” she said on platform X, formerly Twitter.

“This was an innocent child following his father. I’m so tired of all the videos being posted everywhere and sent to me. God will take care of you!” Marcel’s mother, Brittney Sawyer, insisted in a Facebook post.

The mother regularly posted photos of her son sharing tender moments with his family, as well as celebrating at his high school, especially with his soccer team. Other photographs showed him lifting weights, boxing and dancing.

Marcel’s father is a former refugee who became a naturalized American and moved to the United States from the Congo in the late 1990s as part of a refugee resettlement program and worked as a car salesman.

As for Marcel, he was born in the United States and lived in Utah, where his life seemed to take a different path, full of promise and opportunity.

After high school, he played for the Utah Islanders, a team that helps develop players for college football.


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He was offered an athletic scholarship to Missouri Valley College in 2020, an achievement he proudly shared on social media, expressing his gratitude and excitement.

His presence on social media shows the image of a young man enjoying a charming life.

Marcel’s TikTok, Instagram, and But in the midst of these publications, his political inclinations and connections with his father’s legacy have been glimpsed.

Marcel Malanga
Marcel Malanga shows his charming life in Utah. PHOTO | POOL

In a heartfelt post dated June 19, 2023, Marcel shared a photo of his father with the caption: “It is an honor to have you as my earthly father. I can’t wait to change the world with you.”

Marcel, who often referred to himself as ‘Warcel’, shared a video of him and his father at a shooting range and captioned it: “Look at me and my dad shooting.”

Another tweet from June 2022 shared his political plans while campaigning: “We need this man to take office, he is trying to stop all the terrible tragedies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” referring to his father.

Despite these noble aspirations, Marcel’s social media also showed a more controversial side. He flaunted his wealth, posting videos with wads of cash and firearms.


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The arrest has generated mixed responses from his followers, with some expressing support and others criticizing his involvement in the coup.

One friend commented, “Damn, Blud was here chasing an NFL dream before he picked up an AK and tried to overthrow an entire government with 20 other guys.”

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