Chinamasa joins the ED2030 consignor group

ZANU PF Legal Affairs Secretary Patrick Chinamasa has become the latest senior party official to chant the slogan in support of moves to extend President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s term until 2030.

Chinamasa was in Manicaland a few days before a provincial coordinating committee meeting where he chanted the Mnangagwa 2030 slogan.

In the slogan captured on video and in NewsDay’s possession, Chinamasa emphasized that Mnangagwa will still rule in 2030.

Mnangagwa has been accused of using acolytes and party structures to test the waters in his bid to extend his mandate.

His supporters have since coined the slogan: “VaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo kusvika 2030 (Mnangagwa will be with us until 2030).” However, the Constitution does not allow an individual to lead the nation beyond two presidential terms.

In an interview yesterday, provincial president Tawanda Mukodza said Chinamasa attended the restructuring meeting in Mutare.

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“It is very true that Comrade Chinamasa was assigned to Manicaland for the restructuring exercise,” he said.

“We are happy with the level of unity in the province and we hope to remain united in the province after we won resoundingly in the 2023 elections.”

Chinamasa could not be reached for comment despite repeated efforts. Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Owen Ncube has been raising public slogans in favor of extending Mnangagwa’s term beyond 2028.

Political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya commented: “This is dangerous… anything can happen in Zanu PF.”

Another political analyst, Tendai Reuben Mbofana, said there are opportunists in Zanu PF.

“They are testing the waters. “They know that if they don’t read the game it will be a disaster for them and they will end up being characters like Savior Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo among others who are now operating outside the country,” he added.

Zanu PF information director Farai Marapira said there was no factionalism in the ruling party, adding that everyone was solidly behind Mnangagwa.

Last weekend, apostolic sects gathering for a national prayer in Chitungwiza turned the event into a campaign rally for Mnangagwa’s presidency.

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