Mutare Road turns deadly: Shocking images of consecutive accidents at the same place create a stir on social media

Mutare road accidents: Chaotic scene on Mutare Road as three separate accidents unfold in less than an hour

Mutare Road became the center of attention on social media when three separate road accidents occurred at the same location in a shocking 45-minute period. The incidents took place last night around 7pm near the TM Ruwa area, just before the traffic lights, causing widespread concern and speculation.

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First incident: truck overturns

The chaos of the night began when a truck left the road and overturned. Eyewitnesses report that the truck heading to the city carrying day-old chicks lost control under unknown circumstances. There were three passengers on board the vehicle, who were injured.

Second accident: knives for transport trucks

Surprisingly, just minutes after the first incident, a transport truck met a similar fate at exactly the same location. The truck, which was also heading toward the city, turned unexpectedly. The lone driver of the truck escaped with minor injuries.

Third accident: double cab collides with a transport truck

To add to the chaos, a double cab vehicle collided with the transport truck. The driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle, suffered serious injuries, especially to the arm and head.

Social media explodes with reactions to Mutare traffic accident

The incidents have sparked a wave of reactions on social media. Many users demand immediate road safety assessments and measures to prevent these types of events in the future.

Some called for road-cleaning ceremonies to be held.

These are some of the reactions;

@Ndini Faith Candy Wacho;

Something is wrong with that road, it’s cursed. That area needs a lot of prayers.

@Wely Ferro;

One thing I noticed about Zim when it comes to driving: there is no discipline. 75% of all drivers in Zim are reckless drivers.

@Broom Mirielle Micrue;

Road cleaning ceremonies are a necessity.

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