Devastation in Gaza as Israel wages war against Hamas: live updates

2:27 a.m. ET, May 24, 2024

Aid arrives in Gaza via US-built dock and is distributed after days of delays

From CNN’s Jennifer Hansler, Natasha Bertrand and Haley Britzky

A truck transports humanitarian aid through the Trident Pier, a temporary pier for delivering aid, off the Gaza Strip, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, near the coast of Gaza, on 19 May.

US Army Central/Reuters

Aid groups have begun distributing humanitarian aid unloaded from a US-built pier in Gaza to Palestinians after obstacles on distribution routes, including Hamas drones and looting, delayed deliveries.

More than 500 metric tons of food and other aid unloaded at the dock have already been delivered to humanitarian partners, and two-thirds of that aid has been distributed or is in the process of reaching those in need, a major U.S. agency said. an International Development (USAID) official said Thursday.

The distribution comes several days after the operation at the US Army dock got off to a rocky start.

Aid deliveries from the pier to warehouses inside Gaza were hampered by a Hamas drone attack on the Israeli army “several miles” from the pier, leading to a freeze in convoy movements, and some trucks were looted along one of the distribution routes, Vice said. said Admiral Brad Cooper, deputy commander of US Central Command.

The U.S. military had to help USAID devise alternative, safer routes for trucks leaving the marshalling area on the beach near the pier and headed to warehouses.

“These challenges with domestic distribution are neither new nor unique to delivering aid from the sea,” Cooper said. “But I think these atmospheres give you a sense of the operating environment.”

Remember: More than 1,000 U.S. troops helped build the humanitarian dock and causeway off the coast of Gaza over the past two months, and the operation was launched last week. However, on Tuesday the Pentagon said that none of the aid that had been unloaded from the dock had yet been delivered to the broader Palestinian population.

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