4WD owner forced into annoying garden act due to ‘ignorant’ neighborhood driver

A basic and inconsiderate parking mistake has forced one angry motorist to escape her relative’s residential driveway by driving across their front yard and over the kerb after a “rude” neighborhood driver parked straight across the home’s driveway, blocking her ability to exit.

Another neighbor passing by the elderly woman’s home in Newcastle, in NSW, watched the situation play out as the 4WD slowly maneuvered her car around the tight space, with the neighbor deciding to leave a note for the parked car to let the owner know how much hassle they caused.

The handwritten note was tucked into the windscreen wipers and read; “Please do not park over the driveway next time you visit! It’s just bloody rude!”

An image of the “ignorant” park was shared online and showed only a small gap between the rear of the parked car’s tow bar and another along the street which was parked legally. As a result, there was only a tight gap left to squeeze through.

This parking transgression comes with a $302 fine. Source: Facebook

After the driver was called out online, plenty of Aussies admitted they wouldn’t have left such a “kind” note themselves. “It’s a bloody joke,” one commented.

Parking across a driveway not only inconveniences home owners and blocks access if an emergency were to arise, it also poses a safety hazard as pedestrians may struggle to gain access or road users may have limited visibility of those using the footpath.

This means drivers can still cop a fine if they park over their own driveway, with this happening to one Sydney man in 2016 after he parked across his own driveway to stop others blocking him in as his home was situated along a busy pickup zone.

In NSW it is illegal for motorists to stop over a driveway unless picking up or dropping off passengers. The driver must stay in the vehicle and must move within two minutes, with parking strictly prohibited, state legislation states.

In NSW a motorist who parks over a driveway faces $302 for the offense while Queenslanders could cop a $309 fine.

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