Ambassador to Israel reprimanded in response to Ireland’s recognition of Palestine

Ireland’s ambassador to Israel has been reprimanded by the country’s Foreign Office and shown videos of Hamas taking hostages in response to Ireland’s recognition of Palestine.

Israel has recalled its ambassador to Ireland following Wednesday’s decision to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Israel called the ambassadors of Ireland, Norway and Spain, who met with the director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yaakov Blitshtein.

He Jerusalem Post reports that the three were shown a short video posted by the Hostage and Missing Families Forum showing the moment five of the remaining 132 hostages were taken captive last October.

A Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said Sonya McGuinness had met with Israeli officials, but that no details of any specific retaliation by Israel had been clarified.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs can confirm that the Irish ambassador to Israel attended a meeting at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, along with her Spanish and Norwegian colleagues.

The meeting included a frank exchange of views on the issue of recognition of the State of Palestine, but did not include details of any specific steps to be taken as a consequence.

The meeting followed the release of a 19-second video by the Israeli Foreign Ministry that fused images of Hamas fighters with traditional Irish music.

“Ireland, if its goal was to reward terrorism by declaring its support for a Palestinian state, has achieved it,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

“@SimonHarrisTD, Hamas thanks you for your service.”

Speaking on CNN Amanpour program, Taoiseach Simon Harris said this video would not distract from the real problems in Gaza.

Harris said there is “never the wrong time to do the right thing” and that she would not tolerate “any country that misrepresents the position of the Irish people.”

Harris said she does not want to see Israel isolated, but said Israel’s government should “listen” to other nations advocating for an immediate end to the fighting in Gaza.

Taoiseach Simon Harris speaking during a press conference outside government buildings on Wednesday, as Ireland recognized the State of Palestine.
Taoiseach Simon Harris speaking during a press conference outside government buildings on Wednesday, as Ireland recognized the State of Palestine.

He said that this position is the unanimous opinion of European nations and leaders.

The Government still hopes that more countries will join it in recognizing the Palestinian state, despite the Israeli reaction.

Senior government sources said countries that had been considering joining the Irish, Norwegian and Spanish leaders would have “taken into account the Israeli reaction” and would not have been surprised to see the withdrawal of Israeli ambassador Dana Erlich from Dublin.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces killed at least 38 Palestinians in air and ground bombardments across the Gaza Strip on Thursday and fought in hand-to-hand combat with Hamas-led militants in areas of the southern city of Rafah, health officials said. and Hamas media.

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