NDP 2024 tickets available only through Singpass to avoid scams; Voting opens on May 27

SINGAPORE – The public can vote for tickets to the 2024 National Day Parade, as well as its pre-shows, from noon on May 27.

For the first time, applicants must use Singpass, the national digital identity platform, in a move to prevent scams.

Singaporeans and permanent residents can apply for the main parade on August 9 or for one of the NDP’s two preview performances on July 27 and August 3, which will be held in Padang, the NDP organizing committee said. may 24th.

Applications will close at midday on June 10.

The Padang will host about 27,000 spectators for the NDP parade and each of the previews. The theme is “Together, as a United People”, which aims to emphasize the collective strength of Singaporeans in shaping their future.

Highlights of 2024 include Singapore Defense Forces, the home team and other groups demonstrating their response to disruptions in an extensive Total Defense scenario in the Marina Bay and Padang area.

Spectators will also receive LED wristbands that will illuminate the stands with a sea of ​​vibrant colors.

Each candidate can opt for two, four or six tickets and is only entitled to one voting opportunity, the organizing committee said.

The public can apply for tickets at Those without Singpass are advised to register for one, ask a trusted person with an account to apply on their behalf, or visit ServiceSG Centers for in-person assistance.

These are the only ways to apply for a fine, the committee said, reminding the public not to provide information to unverified links as they could be scams.

Notifications will be sent only from [email protected]. “Recipients of any NDP 2024 notifications should be wary of emails sent from other addresses, as they could be scams or phishing attempts,” the committee added.

Selected applicants will be notified between June 21 and 25.

Tickets are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, the committee said, adding that each ticket will admit only one spectator. Children, including infants, must each have a valid ticket to be admitted.

Tickets are not strictly for sale and action will be taken against those attempting to do so.

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