Amount Kenya Power makes as profit for every Sh100 it pays

For every 100 shillings customers pay for electricity, Kenya Power CEO Joseph Siror says the company only makes 2 shillings or less in profit.

Siror said on Thursday that the approximate amount of Sh20 is going to Kenya Power where it is supposed to cover the expenses incurred by the utility in providing its services to Kenyans.

Most of the money, he said, goes to electricity generation.

“For every 100 shillings you pay on the bill, 65 per cent goes to generation. The only thing possibly reaching Kenya Power is Sh20. Of that amount, it could be that 10 percent is the profit that Kenya Power makes. Sometimes it could be even lower,” he said in an interview with Citizen TV.

According to Siror, the net amount as profit if invested in millions as capital could be recovered in the long run.

He said the surest way to ensure Kenya Power makes more profits is to have More connections in the country.

At the same time, he commented on the disparities in payment for electricity installation services and said that many factors come into play.

“Kenya Power operates as a commercial entity but there are other programs that the government runs recognizing the importance of power and these are usually included in the Last Mile scheme,” he explained.

“There is no provision for the cost one would incur in putting in the transformer; “It would have come directly from Kenya Power resources.”

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