Army rejects teen job applicant over breast cancer gene

Wendy Watson, who set up a national helpline for people with a family history of breast cancer, agrees that Carys’ case is a case of sex discrimination, as men can also carry the defective gene and develop the disease. .

Some women with the gene undergo a preventive mastectomy (removal of the breast).

If a candidate appears to be at risk for a specific genetic disorder, the occupational physician responsible for recruit selection will assess the risk and its likely impact on the candidate’s health and safety in a military workplace, typically without the need for testing. genetics, says the Army. .

“We are not going to discuss the medical details of any army applicant without their specific consent,” an official said.

“However, we can confirm that we are reviewing the circumstances of this case and have contacted the person to explain what happened and apologize.

“The issue is now being handled personally by the army recruiting chief.”

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