China-Uganda Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference

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At the China (Changsha)-Uganda Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference held in Kampala, six procurement and cooperation agreements worth more than 300 million yuan were signed. Approximately 150 government officials, business leaders and business representatives attended the event, marking an important milestone in economic collaboration between the two nations.

Key highlights from the conference

Six procurement and cooperation agreements were signed on site, totaling more than 300 million yuan, reflecting substantial commitment to mutual economic growth. The agreements covered projects related to the export of household appliances, the import of agricultural and secondary products from Africa, the construction of a land port, the procurement of equipment for the Lubowa International Hospital in Uganda and the sale of medical gloves and other products in Uganda. .

Strengthening collaboration and future plans:

Representatives of the Longping High-Tech Park Management Committee, Changsha International Trade Group Co., Ltd. and Red Star Industrial Group Co., Ltd. emphasized their commitment to promoting cooperation with Africa. They expressed their dedication to supporting the modernization of agriculture in Uganda and other African countries, facilitating the import and export of African agricultural products, and fostering the growth of China-Africa cooperation projects.

Expand trade and cooperation

Red Star Industrial Group highlighted its significant import of agricultural products from Africa, particularly fruits, seafood and flowers, whose imports in 2023 will reach 180 million yuan. The company aims to strengthen cooperation in agricultural products with companies and chambers of commerce in Africa, contributing to a substantial increase in international trade volume and turnover.

Complementary advantages and potential

Economic collaboration between Uganda and Changsha is very promising as Uganda’s abundant natural resources and agricultural potential complement Changsha’s industrial expertise in machinery engineering, new energy vehicles and electronic information. This synergy presents ample opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Continued industrial cooperation
Following the success of the recent conference, the prospects for further industrial cooperation between Changsha and Uganda appear promising. The Changsha Municipal Government is dedicated to guiding more companies to invest in Uganda and fostering greater industrial cooperation, indicating a strong commitment to fostering a fruitful partnership.

The China (Changsha)-Uganda Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference marks an important step forward in economic and trade relations between the two nations, laying the foundation for greater collaboration and mutual prosperity.

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