Man chased and arrested for chocolate theft

A second person has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the theft and distribution of dozens of chocolate bars in Auckland.

Last Friday, an Auckland city retailer was charged with receiving more than 50 Whittaker’s chocolate bars stolen from a supermarket. Before that, a woman was arrested in Papakura after allegedly stealing a dozen boxes of roasted almonds.

Last night, the police team arrested a second person over the Whittaker incident after an off-duty officer spotted the man.

The off-duty officer alerted other police officers.

“Staff approached the man and arrested him, before he fled on foot,” Inspector Dave Christoffersen said. “Unfortunately for him, our Beat Team was on patrol and pursued this man on foot before arresting him on Albert St.

“The 38-year-old faces three counts of shoplifting, escaping from custody and other unrelated charges.”

The robbery charges were related to Whittaker’s bars.

The arrested man will appear in Auckland District Court today, Christoffersen said. “We oppose his release on bail,” he added.

The latest charges join hundreds of others relating to retail crime in the central city of Auckland in recent months, police said. Retailers were reminded that buying stolen goods was a crime.

“Retailers need to be very aware that if they are asked to purchase products at a very low price, they may very well be dealing in stolen property,” Christoffersen said.

“Our teams continue to press charges for the initial crime, but we are also investigating where these items are distributed.

“Police will continue to bring charges for theft or receiving offenses where appropriate.”

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