Sam The Punisher Abdulrahim survives second execution attempt

Melbourne’s underworld tobacco wars have reached a new crescendo with the attempted murder of underworld figure Suleiman “Sam” Abdulrahim outside his Thomastown home.

Neighbors described hearing a commotion in the early hours of Friday morning and police are now investigating whether he was taken from his home to be executed.

Former Mongolian cyclist and professional boxer Suleiman “Sam” Abdulrahim.

Former Mongolian cyclist and professional boxer Suleiman “Sam” Abdulrahim. Credit: instagram

Abdulrahim was not seriously injured and the criminals are at large.

While police have yet to comment publicly, the underworld is abuzz with rumors that the assassination attempt was ordered by ruthless kingpin Kazem “Kaz” Hamad, whom police suspect of being behind the so-called tobacco wars.

Organized crime syndicates are suspected of being behind 75 arson attacks since March last year, including the burning of 49 tobacco shops.


Authorities suspect Hamad calls the shots from a safe haven abroad and has moved between Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern destinations while allegedly running an illegal tobacco empire estimated to generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

In February, this newspaper reported that police had warned Abdulrahim that there was a contract against his life and had advised him not to fight in an upcoming boxing match.

Subsequently, two separate venues that were due to host the fight were firebombed, causing extensive damage to the building and leading organizers to cancel the fight.

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