Mandy Moore announces her third pregnancy with her husband Taylor Goldsmith; She makes fun of ‘Sometimes life imitates art’

Mandy Moore, best known for her role as a mother of three on This Is Us, has some big news. She will have three children of her own! She posted the happy news on Instagram, stating that life can sometimes be like art.

She and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, already have two sons, Gus and Oscar. In an interview on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna last October, Mandy opened up about being a mother of two. She said that she has been crazy, but that she still wants to have more children. Now it seems that she is fulfilling her wish sooner than expected!

Just like she does on TV, Mandy is preparing for a lot of excitement with the arrival of her new little one. Her fans are ecstatic about her and eager to see her family grow.

“My husband thinks I’m crazy,” Moore said of becoming a mother again.

First child: August “Gus” Harrison Goldsmith

Moore and Goldsmith had their first child, August “Gus” Harrison Goldsmith, in February 2021. Moore said on Instagram that they chose the name August because they found out they were having a boy that same month, which is also when Goldsmith was born. .


He added that they always liked the name August and decided on it early. For Gus’s first birthday, Moore threw him a garden party. She dressed him in a cream cable-colored sweater that matched his outfit and captioned his birthday photos on Instagram with words about making memories and enjoying love and cake.

In July 2023, Gus spontaneously began to get a rash all over his body. Moore said he took him to see many doctors, who concluded that Gus was suffering from a “spontaneously appearing viral infant rash called Gianotti-Crosti syndrome.”

Once Moore learned what fatherhood really entails, he found it quite difficult. Although she sometimes feels helpless, she is grateful to know that Gus just had an itchy skin condition.

Later that year, Moore spoke to People over the holidays about her family’s plans. She mentioned that Gus really understood what Christmas is about now.

He stated that this year was much more exciting because he understood Santa Claus and everything, whereas the year before he had only just begun to understand the concept of Christmas trees. Moore also celebrated Gus’ third birthday.

Moore posted some adorable photos of Gus on Instagram, along with the popular song Feel You Around Me by NRBQ.

He said Gus surprises them in every way. He also said that his smile lights up every room, his interest in the world develops day by day and his passion for construction vehicles grows.

He also noted her gentle nature and affection for her family, particularly her brother, despite occasionally hitting him with a random toy.

Second child: Oscar ‘Ozzie’ Bennett Goldsmith

Moore reported that her second child, Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett Goldsmith, arrived in October 2022. She shared on Instagram that Ozzie was here and Oscar Bennett Goldsmith arrived a little late but with a lot of poise.

Moore described with delight that Ozzie’s parents were delighted that his birth was cleaner and quicker than his older brother’s. They felt love flooding his hearts.

When Ozzie was two months old, Moore joked that he was always hungry, rolled over easily, was a great traveler and sleeper, and enjoyed hugging everyone. She had to confess that Ozzie’s charisma made her want to have another baby.

Moore provided an update on Ozzie a few months later. At six months, he is starting to roll over, eat solid foods and crawl, he shared on Instagram. She said: “He is ready to explore.”

He noted, for example, how much Ozzie admires Gus, his older brother. Moore stated, “He’s totally absorbed in it.”

Ozzie’s first birthday was captured in sweet pictures Moore posted online. She said she couldn’t remember life before him. Moore declared her absolute love for Ozzie and her excitement for all the trips to come. Today, she keeps her children close to her heart.

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