Lotto Max: Toronto man sees $70 million win in his bank account and falls off his chair

A Toronto man who won $70 million in a recent Lotto Max drawing literally fell off his chair when he saw the funds in his bank account.

In the video provided by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), a spokesperson is heard telling Greg Chialtas: “You are about to log into your bank account and it will look like an international phone number.”

When he logs in, Chialtas’s eyes widen, he uses colorful language, and his hands shake as he falls out of his chair and bursts into tears and laughter.

Chialtas’ big win comes from the April 19 Lotto Max draw.

The single father told OLG that he bought the ticket while he was grocery shopping and chose numbers that are meaningful to his children, siblings and other members of his large Greek family, which he said is very close-knit.

“It’s a little cliché, like that movie, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.

Chialtas, a recently retired public servant who said he had been facing some health problems lately, couldn’t believe his luck at first and called his friend to confirm the numbers.

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“I asked him to check the numbers on and read them to me. All the numbers still matched. It was amazing for us, but we absolutely had to make sure he had the winning ticket,” she recalled.

When he was sure he had the winning ticket, Chialtas said he gathered his family on a Facetime call to share the news, but “no one” believed him.

“It took me a little while to convince them it was true,” he said.

As for what he wants to do with his windfall, Chialtas said he has big plans.

“You can buy anything. But you know, memories are what you’re going to remember. That’s why I don’t see it as buying things. I think about how we can create memories that can last each of us a lifetime.”

In the short term, Chialtas said he wants to travel and make sure his children finish their education. Beyond that, she said she wants to buy some new cars and houses for her immediate family and give back to the community.

“There are many good things I have to do; I not only want to do them, but I have to do them. And we will make it happen. As a family. As a unit. And we have the privilege to do so, so why not?

The OLG said Chialtas’ winning ticket was purchased at the Sheppard Ticket Center inside the Yonge-Sheppard Center in North York.

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