UDB and ATC Uganda in blood donation campaign to save lives

Thursday 23third May 2024 – Kampala: ATC Uganda and Uganda Development Bank (UDB) today organized a blood donation drive to bolster the much-needed blood bank at Mengo Hospital.

Mengo Hospital and Minet are the technical partners of this initiative which is part of a broader effort to increase the availability of safe blood throughout the country.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to increase the availability of safe blood across the country. The campaign successfully attracted employees from partner institutions and members of the public, all eager to contribute to this critical cause.

According to the World Health Organization’s Global Blood Safety Database, a country must collect blood equivalent to at least 1% of its population. Currently, Uganda collects approximately 300,000 liters of blood per year, far less than required. This continued deficit highlights the need for continued blood donation efforts.

During the event, Ms Dorothy Ssemanda, CEO of ATC Uganda, emphasized the importance of sufficient and safe blood supply to save lives.

“Blood donation is a selfless act that can save a child with severe anemia, a mother suffering from complications during childbirth or a patient undergoing surgery. “We are proud to partner with the UDB to encourage voluntary, unpaid blood donations and make a positive impact,” she said.

Mrs. Dorothy Ssemanda

Ms Ssemanda also noted that the blood donation drive is one of several activities that ATC Uganda is carrying out during its Health and Fitness Week, which aims to raise awareness on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle .

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Joshua Mwesiga said: “UDB is dedicated to supporting initiatives that improve the health outcomes of Ugandans. This blood donation campaign is a way to contribute to the national blood bank and support patients who need transfusions. We, as a staff, are excited to participate in this life-saving cause.”

Joshua Mwesiga

According to research by the National Institute of Health, access to safe blood in Uganda is crucial for maternal and neonatal care, as well as the treatment of patients injured in emergencies such as accidents. However, there is a significant shortage of blood banks, leading to preventable deaths, especially among mothers and patients requiring urgent transfusions.

The need to donate blood is now more urgent than ever. ATC Uganda and UDB urge everyone to consider donating blood to help save lives and improve health outcomes across the country.

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