Singapore and Hong Kong police join forces to produce anti-scam video ‘Honey Money’

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Hong Kong Police Force have collaborated on an advice video on online scams and how to avoid falling victim.

The video, with the description “Honey Money,” was posted on both forces’ social media channels on May 30.

In the clip, off-duty police officers Felix Lai and Kelwin Tan stroll along the waterfront of their respective cities, catch up via video call and chat in Cantonese and English.

Singapore Deputy Superintendent Tan notices someone crying near Hong Kong Senior Inspector Lai, who goes to check on him after ending the call.

The man tells Senior Inspector Lai that he recently met a woman through WhatsApp who claimed to want to build a future with him. At her suggestion, he downloaded an investing app that seemed to be generating profits for him.

“But when I was about to collect my money, I realized that I couldn’t withdraw a single dollar. I have lost all my savings. “I am very ashamed to face my family,” the man tells the police officer.

The video then cuts to the police officers, now in uniform, highlighting the proliferation of scams globally and in Singapore.

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