Gaming Board seizes more than 190 illegal slot machines in Kampala

Gaming Board seizes more than 190 illegal slot machines in Kampala
Gaming slot machines seized in one of the NLGRB warehouses.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The National Lottery and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB) successfully carried out a law enforcement operation in Kampala, which led to the seizure of 198 illegal slot machines along with 12 boxes containing related spare parts.

“We have captured 198 illegal slot machines and 12 boxes of spare parts. This is part of our ongoing crackdown on unlicensed slot machines, driven largely by intelligence gathering. We received information about suppliers and manufacturers of these illegal machines,” said Denis Mudene Ngabirano, executive director of NLGRB.

Ngabirano further revealed that the Board’s efforts are directed at locating the warehouses where these machines are assembled before their display in the showrooms.

“The team has focused on a showroom where these machines are sold. However, our goal is to go back to the manufacturing and assembly points. I am sure that we will uncover these places and confiscate all illegal machines and spare parts stored there,” he added.

He appealed to the public to help him identify places where illegal gaming machines are manufactured and assembled.

“I urge all Ugandans who have information about the manufacturing and assembly of these illegal machines to come forward. This will help us protect citizens from poor quality and unlicensed gaming equipment,” Ngabirano emphasized.

Gaming Board seizes more than 190 illegal slot machines in Kampala
Slot machines and related parts were seized.

Ngabirano also highlighted the licensing requirements for manufacturing gaming machines in Uganda.

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“Anyone wishing to manufacture and supply gaming equipment must obtain a licence. Currently, there are only two authorized operators in the country that supply equipment that meets international standards,” Ngabirano added.

Mr. Aloysius Mugasa Adyeri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLGRB, revealed that the enforcement exercises are carried out to ensure effective regulation of the sector and protect citizens from the presence of illegal gaming machines.

“What we do is regulate the sector in this country and make sure it functions properly and save citizens and non-citizens from the effects of adverse gambling,” he said.

NLGRB currently has over 3,500 confiscated gaming machines in its warehouses and plans are already underway to dismantle and destroy this illicit equipment.

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