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Mohadi collapses during UZ conference

By Political Reporter: Vice President Kembo Mohadi collapsed while giving a lecture at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) on Thursday.

Mohadi, 74, was reportedly in the middle of his speech when he suddenly appeared disoriented and asked for water.

A local online portal reported that his knees buckled shortly after, prompting his aides to rush to his aid. According to a witness quoted by the online newspaper, “he couldn’t stand up, so they helped him sit on a chair. He spoke briefly afterwards, but after lively backstage discussions, his presentation was cut short.”

Mohadi’s aides from the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) ordered journalists covering the event to stop filming and taking photographs.

Mohadi was giving a lecture titled “African Liberation Movements and Unity: Why Resilience Matters for Sustained Transformational Possibilities.”

Later that day, he was notably absent when President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga attended the inauguration of 17 schools in Chikomba, built with assistance from the OPEC Fund for International Development.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba claimed that Mohadi was absent throughout the day and asked for more time to gather the facts.

A ZANU PF official present at the event clarified to ZimLive: “He was reading his speech and then he asked for water. We had to help him sit down. Then he continued his speech while sitting. It didn’t necessarily collapse. In essence, he broke the collapse.”

This incident mirrors a previous event in October 2023, when state security officers ordered journalists to delete photos and videos of Mohadi collapsing at a campaign rally in Gutu, Masvingo.

During that event, security forces detained journalists and demanded that they delete their recordings.

Mohadi was reportedly flown to an undisclosed location for medical attention. Just before he collapsed, Mohadi had reportedly said: “I need water, I need water.”

Source: ZimLive

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