Namibia Police to Launch Campaign to Improve Tourist Safety – Latest News

The Namibian Police are set to launch a campaign aimed at making Namibia a safer and more desirable tourist destination for all visitors.

Speaking to The Namibian on Thursday, Deputy Commissioner Robert Grellmann said the idea is to raise awareness of safety issues among tourists at all entry points into the country.

Grellmann highlighted that the majority of tourists are victims of “corrupt police,” a practice that the campaign aims to stop.

“Corruption by police officers is unfortunately a problem we have at the moment and we are working on a broader solution, but for now we want tourists to be informed about what their rights are if they are stopped “, Grellmann. saying.

The campaign aims to ensure that tourists feel safe while visiting the country, he added.

According to Grellmann, talks have been going on since last year.

“Our plan was to implement this project from June 1, 2024, but it is not a fixed date, we may have to delay it a little as there are still a lot of logistics to be discussed.”

Recent reports reveal that Namibia has embarked on a national tourism safety awareness campaign as the tourism industry is an important economic sector for the country.

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