Elon Musk could soon make X likes private

X Premium Users have been able to hide posts they’ve liked for months, but the feature may soon become the default for everyone. An engineering director at

“Yes, we are making likes private,” Wang said in a cheep. “Public likes are incentivizing incorrect behavior. For example, many people are deterred from liking content that may be “edgy” for fear of retaliation from trolls or to protect their public image.”

Wang noted that soon “you will be able to like it without worrying about who can see it.” In particular, Elon Musk liked this tweet, as revealed by his audience’s likes. Currently, most X users publicly display their Likes on their profiles, showing all users the posts they interact with. X started offering paying users an option to hide their likes last September, but Wang’s tweet suggests the feature may be expanding widely.

Twitter’s Public Likes feature has historically revealed the “edgy” content that celebrities and public figures enjoy at any given time. It’s the characteristic that everyone forgets but that always comes back to attack them. Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter account He once liked a pornographic video., but then blamed a staff member and said: “It won’t happen again.” Samuel L. Jackson was once caught liking hardcore porn but then not everyone liked it once his fans warned him that they were public. And, of course, Musk’s own public tastes have gotten him in trouble before. In 2022, musk I liked an anti-trans tweet from the notorious right-wing account, Libs of TikTok.

Currently, Elon Musk’s liked tweets reveal that in the last week, the owner of X has liked a meme that says Dr. Anthony Fauci is really Dr. Evila meme mocking trans activistsand a whole batch of tweets About himself.

This change is in line with Musk’s broader vision for X to hide likes and repeat posts more broadly. Previously, Musk revealed a long-term plan to Hide likes and repost counts on the timeline., creating a cleaner experience that only shows the view count. She went on to explain that you will only be able to see likes and repeat posts when you click on the actual post. This change has not happened yet, but Musk says it has.”It’s definitely happening.

Making X likes private would surely allow people to interact more freely with the platform’s content. Your likes on However, it also removes a key accountability feature that made Twitter so entertaining.

A version of this article originally appeared on Gizmodo..

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