Police arrest influencer who accuses e-money of dating Pope Junior’s widow

Popular business tycoon Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, has taken to Instagram to announce that one of those accusing him of having an affair with the widow of the late Junior Pope and having something to do with the actor’s death from Nollywood has been arrested by the police.

E-Money announced this on Thursday, barely a week after debunking all allegations about having romantic affairs with Junior Pope’s widow, Jennifer Awele.

LEADERSHIP reported that E-money had pledged to support the family of his deceased friend, the late Obumneme Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope, who drowned in the Anam River while returning from a movie set.

Following the allegations, E-money had expressed its intentions to book social media content creators and bloggers who had falsely accused it and urged the public to cooperate with it in that pursuit.

Okonkwo posted a video of one of the detained suspects in handcuffs with the caption: “I am relieved to share that one of the individuals responsible for the defamation against me has been prosecuted. “This is an important step in ending the scourge of cyberbullying.”

He extended his gratitude to the police for nabbing one of the two social media influencers and to the numerous bloggers who falsely accused him.

He wrote: “My sincere gratitude to the diligent officers of the Nigerian Police for their unwavering commitment to justice.”

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