Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul is postponed after the former champion’s health problem

Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul has been postponed after Tyson, 57, fell ill on a flight last weekend.

Tyson and Paul said Friday that they will announce a new fight date next week. They were scheduled to meet on July 20 in Arlington, Texas.

Tyson felt nauseous and dizzy during the last hour of a flight from Miami to Los Angeles last Sunday, and his plane was met by first responders who attended to the former heavyweight champion. Tyson’s team attributed the episode to an ulcer problem.

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“During a follow-up consultation on Thursday with medical professionals regarding his recent ulcer outbreak, the recommendation is that Mike Tyson do minimal or light training over the next few weeks and then return to full training without limitations,” the fight promoters said. . he said in a statement.

Tyson has not fought professionally since June 2005, but has been training regularly for several years. He fought Roy Jones Jr. in an entertaining exhibition in Los Angeles in November 2020.

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul.

Mike Tyson (left) and Jake Paul (right) on stage during the press conference for the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson. Fake images for Netflix

“My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s, and I will soon return to my full training program,” Tyson said in the statement. “Jake Paul, this may have bought you some time, but in the end you will still be knocked out and out of boxing forever. “I appreciate everyone’s patience and can’t wait to deliver an unforgettable performance later this year.”

Texas boxing officials have sanctioned Tyson’s encounter with Paul as a legitimate fight with eight two-minute rounds and unusually heavy gloves. Tyson will turn 58 before the fight, which was scheduled to air on Netflix in what will likely be a big payday for both fighters.

Tyson insists the fight will go ahead. getty

Tickets already purchased for the fight, which was to take place at the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium, will be honored on the new fight date, promoters said. The rescheduled fight is also expected to be in Arlington.

Paul, 27, is a YouTube star who has built a successful career in boxing, primarily taking on mixed martial artists and journeyman boxers.

“I fully support postponing the event so that Mike Tyson has no excuses come fight night,” Paul said. “My fans know that I don’t want to face Iron Mike at anything less than his best, but make no mistake: when he gets in the ring with me, I’ll be ready to claim my victory with a sensational finish.”


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