Amalalandawonye celebrates the inauguration of Chief Dambisamahubo Mafu

The villagers of Godlwayo in Filabusi, Matabeleland South Province, have designated May 18 as the annual commemoration day of the inauguration of their esteemed leader, Chief Dambisamahubo Mafu.

Last Saturday, villagers celebrated the inauguration of Chief Mafu at Nhlangano village in Godlwayo and unanimously agreed to hold these commemorations annually. The event, held at the Nhlangano Chief Maduna Hall in Ward 9, saw the participation of more than 600 people.

Chief Mafu, formerly Acting Chief of Godlwayo Community, was formally installed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on April 15 last year following the passing of his father, Chief Vezi Maduna Mafu, in February 2021.

Speaking to Southern Eye, event facilitator and Ward 9 Village Chief Calven Ncube expressed pride in the rich history of the area, noting that the annual commemorations would play an important role in reviving its culture and traditions. .

Ncube explained that after discussions with Chief Mafu, May 18 was chosen for the commemoration, a decision supported by the organizing team made up of village chiefs from across Godlwayo. However, the chief’s full consent is still pending.

At the inaugural event, Chief Mafu was the guest of honor and attendance exceeded expectations, including poets and cultural figures.

Ncube mentioned that the annual event would rotate between different parts of Godlwayo, although Chief Mafu may sometimes choose to host it at his Kingdom Cultural Centre.

District 9 Chief Secretary Sikhathele Nsingo emphasized the importance of unity and how this initiative would foster a stronger sense of community among the Godlwayo people.

Expressing his gratitude to the organizers, Chief Mafu described the event as a symbol of love and appreciation, underlining his commitment to the well-being of the Godlwayo community.

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