Woman Narrowly Escapes Serious Injury When Her Car Goes Over Curb

A woman narrowly avoided being hit by a car after she slid onto the footpath outside a restaurant in Takapuna, Auckland.

In CCTV footage provided to 1News, Botticelli employee Karen Edde can be seen leaving the premises on Anzac Street at around 10.30pm on Wednesday 29 May.

While she was on the phone, a white BMW car sped up the lane and headed toward her.

Edde, who is also a mother of two, told 1News she felt “lucky” to have jumped back just in time to avoid being hit.

“I saw him coming and my reaction was to run back into the restaurant. It didn’t seem real. I honestly thought he was going to walk into the restaurant.

Edde said the aftermath of the terrifying experience was horrible and she “couldn’t stop crying.”

“I felt paralyzed”

“It took me a bit to recover mentally. I had an adrenaline rush, it was horrible. I felt paralyzed and my whole body was tingling.”

He said he feels better after a day off from work to recover from the shock.

“Now I’m happy that nothing happened, but I can’t stop thinking about what could have happened.”

Edde said the person left without stopping and has since filed a police report.

Business owner Diliana, who did not want her last name used, said it was an “absolute shock” to discover one of her workers was almost run over right outside her restaurant.

“I saw it on the cameras 1,000 times. We tried zooming in and all kinds of different options to see the license plate.”

Diliana said she had just finished the night, leaving two of her staff locked up when she received a call about the shocking near-miss.

“(My worker) was absolutely shaking. I sent my husband immediately to take care of her and take her home,” she said.

Diliana said she did not believe the incident was the result of illegal street racing, but simply someone losing control of their vehicle.

“One of the reasons this happened is because the council removed a pole that used to be there,” he said.

“They need to do something about it. They need to give it back, because this is really scary.”

In a statement, police said they encouraged anyone who witnessed unsafe driving behavior to report it.

“Please contact the police immediately on 111 if this is happening now.”

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