Thursday night’s winning numbers revealed

The numbers for tonight’s potentially record-breaking $150 million Powerball draw have been revealed, as almost every Aussie sits on the edge of their seat hoping to become the biggest lottery winner the nation’s ever seen.

The anticipation for Thursday’s draw has been palpable after last week’s whopping $100 million jackpot went unclaimed. It was reported on Wednesday that one Powerball syndicate had even bought $13,000 worth of lottery tickets to put themselves in the best position to win big.

If one person takes home the entire $150 million jackpot, they will become Australia’s largest ever lotto winner — surpassing an inner-Sydney mum in her 40s who currently holds the title after scoring a phenomenal $107 million in 2019.

Winning numbers: 18, 29, 34, 8, 4, 28, 6

Powerball: eleven

While the Sydney mum who bagged $107 million five years ago continues to cook and clean for her family, she was happy to vow to “never pick up a single iron ever again,” The Lott spokesperson Anna Hobdell said.

However, other division one lottery winners have shared the most luxurious ways they spent their prize money, with many using their windfall to buy a new home or enjoy a lavish holiday.

Almost half of all Australian adults are believed to have purchased a ticket for Thursday’s $150 million Powerball draw. Source: The Lott

“We asked last year’s division one winners what they did with their prizes and the top responses were: Investing money for the future (52%), helping family and friends (40%), buying a new car (35%), paying off the mortgage (26%) and buying a new home (26%),” Anna revealed.

“Of course, everyone has their own unique dreams and Aussie division one winners have shared the varied ways they used their prize to enjoy life to the full, help others or just simply relish buying those things that were previously out of reach.”

One lotto winner said they bought 38 members of their family tickets for a seven-day cruise, while another fulfilled their “life dream” of attending the Monaco Grand Prix. Others focused on more unique purchases like a relative’s “decking”, “a new whizz-bang sewing machine” and “sensible things like a fence and shed”.

Numerous people said they’d also been able to help loved ones with their bills, while one admitted they are in the process of “setting up a not-for-profit charity to donate to a range of charities.”

If you win big tonight, what is the first thing you’ll do?

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